You are welcome to join us in any services or events. No matter who you are or your personal history with religious organizations we would enjoy seeing you participate with us in our faith-based, progressive community with historical roots that provides education, teaching, mentoring and community service. Feel free to drop in to our welcoming community in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

In September 2016, Clark-Grace United Church of Christ (UCC) celebrated our 3rd Anniversary.  As a congregational, Open and Affirming Church, All of the people in our church, under the leadership of Rev. Oliver White, are involved in continuing conversations as we discern our way forward as a united faith community.

Clark-Grace was formed as a joining of two churches that had predominantly black and white congregations to create a wonderful community that welcomes persons of any color or ethnicity to celebrate together.

Clark Memorial UCC, the first Open and Affirming church in South St. Paul, gathered for worship in May 1887 at the Clark and Company store. In October they dedicated their first church building, South Park Community Church. Clark Memorial celebrated their 125th Anniversary in October 2012.

Grace Community UCC, an Open and Affirming church,  is the first African-American United Church of Christ congregation in Minnesota. They formed in St. Paul in 1990 under the leadership of Rev. Oliver White. Grace Community celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2015.

Important Milestones through the years:

2015 In May, we awarded our 2nd educational scholarship, $2,000.00 this time, to a South St. Paul High school graduate.

On a Saturday morning in February, we met to create the following joint mission statement:

We are a faith-based, progressive community with historical roots that provides: education, teaching, mentoring and community service throughout the Kingdom of God.

2014 Saw the retirement of two of Clark's long-term members from their ministry.  Ralph Swanson, after 30 years as Choir and Music Director, and  Roy Swanson, after 30 plus years of serving on the finance team, both retired from their posts in December.

In May, we awarded our 1st scholarship of $1,000.00 at the South St. Paul Educational Foundation Award Banquet, to a graduating South St. Paul High School student.

2013 In September, Grace Community United Church of Christ began to worship with Clark Memorial United Church of Christ at 779 15th Ave. North in South St. Paul. We began our relationship with a joint potluck on a Wednesday evening in August.

In August, Cari Vujovich, of South St. Paul Educational Foundation, spoke during Sunday and gathered enough donations, matched by church funds, to create a scholarship for a South St. Paul High School student.

2012 Restorative Justice moved their office space into the Church's building at 779 15th Ave. N.

We supported  Minnesotans United for All Families against the Marriage Amendment that sought to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples. We planted our first annual "Giving Gardens," little vegetable gardens next to our parking lot to provide fresh vegetables for Neighbors, Inc of South St. Paul.

2010 The need for Clark Memorial UCC to update the parking lot inspired the Green Team to put in a rain garden at the low end of our parking lot and a native garden in our boulevard.

2004 Clark Memorial UCC became the first Open and Affirming Congregation in South St. Paul welcoming all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

2001 Clark Memorial UCC  supported and became part of the United Church of Christ “God is still speaking” movement.

1992 Clark Memorial UCC added the elevator addition and courtyard off of Bryant Avenue.

1962 The church name was changed after members voted to become a part of the United Church of Christ (UCC).

1959 The Sunday School and office wing was added.

1934, and 1947 The church was partially destroyed by fire but it was rebuilt both times, being enlarged after the 1947 fire.

1931 The church name was changed to Clark Memorial Church, honoring C.W. Clark who donated land for the church building.

1922 The congregation built a new and larger church.

1888 Our congregation was officially recognized by the St. Paul Area Congregational Churches after an increase in the numbers attending worship and Sunday school.

1887 In May, a small group of men, women, and children met in the Clark and Company store for worship. In October, they dedicated their first church building and named themselves South Park Community Church.